Why Become a Landlord?

There are 3 Main Advantages of the Voucher program:

1. Consistent Rent Payments

MMHA is responsible for paying a portion of the rent payment directly to you each month. This provides the advantage of receiving the rental payment consistently. MMHA will make a direct deposit directly into your account each month.

Sometimes a participant is still responsible for a small percentage of the rent and must pay this portion directly to you. Housing Choice Voucher Program participants know that any violation of the terms of the lease agreement, including payment of rent, could result in the loss of their Section 8 voucher. Therefore, they have a strong incentive to pay their portion of the rent each month.

2. Consistent Tenant Base

The Housing Choice Voucher Program allows you to open to a previously untapped consistent tenant base. There is high demand for rental assistance and units across Medina county. Therefore, you do not have to worry that there will be a shortage of interested tenants.

The average tenancy of a Medina Voucher holder is 6.57 years; this is more than double the industry average – lower turnover rates typically equate to better economic outcomes for the landlord making the Housing Choice Voucher Program's bottom line more attractive in the long run.

3. Prescreened Tenants

Our goal is to both assist you with finding qualified renters and to help those individuals and families looking for housing find and secure a safe place to live. To qualify for the Voucher program, participants must meet certain requirements. MMHA screens potential clients mainly based on income. In addition, the Housing Authority conducts criminal background checks on each adult participant. In the event a participant has a drug or violent criminal record within the last 3 years or has been labeled a sexual predator, they will be deemed ineligible to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. While no guarantees are provided, this process reasonably assures a landlord a tenant without a recent violent criminal background or serious drug offense.

We do recommend that landlords conduct their own background checks and follow their screening procedures as well.